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INGLAS - Products: Glass and Decor

INGLAS DEKO - A laminated safety glass that is strong in expression, and satisfies high aesthetic requirements.

Whether in the facade or interior design, for furniture design or trade show, it is always adapted individually to the desires and ideas of our customers.

Years of experience in the field of laminated glass technology enable us to bond large glass surfaces with such "exotic" materials as plastic, metal, wood, and fabric, as well as selected objects from flora and fauna. The laminate adds brilliance to the decorative inlay, and it remains permanently protected against weather influences and UV radiation.
INGLAS DEKO for shop construction is integrated in the interior design concept:
  • with woven wood it offers discrete presentation of English club goods,
  • with inlayed paillettes as a brash accent for the display of extravagant evening attire,
  • back lit with glass fibres in a winter sports store it invokes associations of an ice surface marked by skates.
INGLAS DEKO in restaurant areas as a counter cover with architectural metallic fabric it combines the cool elegance of metal with the most rigorous hygiene requirements.
INGLAS DEKO in the facade with artistically designed slide film, it sets accents through the interplay of light and color.
INGLAS DEKO as roof glazing with perforated metal sheet in the entry area, it offers sun and rain protection and communicates the interior ambience to the outside.
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