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INGLAS - Products: Glass and Energy

- Glass as source of heat, light, and information -

Glass, that is both optically transparent and electrically heated, opens exciting design possibilities, e.g. as bathroom radiators in the OEM product SUPRATHERM, or as custom-designed glass radiator INGLAS THERM.

We use coated glass, electronics, and new lighting and display elements as the building blocks for innovative applications.

INGLAS OLED enhances traditional LED technology with the advantages offered by the new organic light emitting diodes.

INGLAS OLED can be implemented as illuminated tile, large surface lighting, for light accents, or as information carriers for a completely new generation of communicative design.

INGLAS POWERLINE uses the capability of coated glass to transport electrical current invisibly.

Applications are switch surfaces, power transmission for light sources, and much more.

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