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INGLAS - Products: Glass and Light

Solar protection, glare protection,
and light redirection

INGLAS PROVE and INGLAS PROVE SM - Optimum high-efficiency solar protection. The solar protection elements are placed in double-glazed, U-profiled glass facades and thus are optimally protected against the effects of weather and dirt. The systems combine solar protection and daylight quality inside with a high-quality exterior appearance.

INGLAS VSG SM - Laminated safety glass with integrated louvers for sophisticated facade design. Can be used as movable superior sun shield, or it can be directly implemented in the facade or roof glazing.

Overheating protection for
energy facades and solar collectors

INGLAS PRISM - seasonal solar protection that only reflects the light of the high angle summer sun to the outside.

Thus representing the ideal shading system for transparent heat insulation facades and light apertures without clear visual transmission, as well as over-temperature protection of solar walls in summer.

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