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INGLAS - Services: Daylight Measurement Techniques

- Measurement of optical parameters of glazings -

Measurement tool
  • Integrating (Ulbricht) sphere 80 mm und 500 mm for the measurement of direct and total radiation in transmission and reflection mode
  • Spectrophotometer to register the wavelength dependence of radiation
  • Photodiodes and thermocouples for absolute and total radiation intensities
  • Luxmeter for the measurement of luminosity and illumination density
  • TIR100-2 to determine the thermal emissivity of surfaces
Light source
  • High power HMI-light source with daylight equivalent spectrum and small divergence

Primary measuring quantities

  • Light: Transmissivity, reflectivity and absorptivity
  • Solar radiation: Absorptivity, reflectivity and
    transmissivity, total and angle-dependent quantities
  • Thermal emissivity
Our laboratory is specialized in optical measurement and simulation routines to meet demands in glass industry, of window and facade producers, of architects and planners.

- Calculation and Simulation -

Available tools:
  • Heat transfer coefficient Ug (in acc. to EN 673)
  • Total energy transmission coefficient of glazings G-value
  • Location based position and irradiation intensity of sun
  • Location based calculation of heating of complex glazing constructs (in acc. to EN 410 und EN 13363-2)
  • Calculation of FC - value (shading coefficient)
  • RADIANCE - Simulation of illumination and irradiance
  • Time of day dependent energy input

Information brochure

Computer calculation tool  for U-values of double pane glazings

Simulation of sun location

Radiation transport, heat flow
and temperature distribution within a complex configuration of glass panes

Monthly energy input on facades

Simulation of the illumination density in a hall
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