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INGLAS - Research and Development

Our strengths

Tailored solutions for our customers, to whom glass is more than just a building material.

We consult with you in your planning phase, optimize what is available, or design completely new products. Attractive designs and new functionalities are created by combining classic glass technologies with electronic elements, optical elements, and chemical elements.

"A laminated glass element with highly effective solar protection and optimal transparency in a certain direction". The desires of our customers are often expressed in terms such as these. We handle it all: The concept, a prototype, the product, and we do it within six months, if possible.

Measurement and Simulation Technology

Our development department is also available to our customers for facade planning services. For example, the optical characteristics, the G-value (total energy transmittance, equivalent to solar heat gain coefficient) and the U-value (insulation value) of a glass component can be determined on short notice.

Technical details

Product Development

Development of a splash water-proof, electrically heated glass for application in the bathroom. German TÜV certification was required, as well as continuous manufacturing monitoring and sample testing with in-house TÜV monitoring of production locations. INGLAS has manufactured the product in series production since 1999.

Device Development

The TIR 100 emissivity measuring device is one of our early developments; it was especially designed for quality control in the float glass and solar collector industry. Thermal emission capacity of a surface is determined within seconds by the device. Today the TIR 100 is used worldwide in many glass coating facilities for continuous quality control.

Technical details

Process Technology

The large scale lamination of glass with other materials, such as plastic with tenfold higher thermal expansion, requires bonding systems with high elasticity and perfect adhesion. For prototype development of light-weight vehicle glazing we had to solve some extreme requirements imposed on optical characteristics, safety and resistance.

The know-how thus gained has been continuously enhanced and is the basis of that which distinguishes our product today from standard laminated safety glass.

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