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INGLAS - Products: Glass and Safety

- Glass for load-bearing structures - A contradiction? -

Whether as safety barrier or as protection against
burglary and gunfire, laminated safety glass
withstands the heaviest mechanical attacks:
The brittle but pressure resistant material, glass,
is bonded with foil that lends the composite
strength for this purpose.

INGLAS has further enhanced this technology:
By using intermediate plies of special plastic
material INGLAS LSG represents a highly
shock-resistant laminated glass along with
significant reductions of weight and thickness.

Adaptation to a wide variety of tasks is achieved
by varying the properties of the components.

Application examples:

  • Light and thin glazing for cabinets and windows, particularly in historic buildings, where frame construction and conservation of ancient monuments do not allow heavy safety glass.
  • Vandalism protection for monitors, vending machines, and information terminals.
  • Bullet-resistant and blast-resistant glazing to protect persons and sensitive areas against attack.

Metal inserts in laminated glass extend the security standard and enable new types of fittings that were previously not available for glass. Laminated inserts such as perforated sheet, modern stainless steel fabric, or metallic fittings combine the transparency of glass with extravagant design and open a new world of solutions to planners for applications such as:

  • Glass roof designs with unimpaired high bearing
    capacity even if there is glass breakage.
  • Fall-protected balustrades and guard rails
    in surprising mountings and design.
  • Completely transparent almost
    floating stairway designs.
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